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Hi, I'm aleph.

I'm a Software Engineer/Machine Learning Engineer based in 🇩🇪.

In the tech scene, my main expertise lies in the backend with APIs and CLI automation tools. I'm deeply involved in MLOps too, handling everything from AI model deployment, big data management, to infrastructure and containers orchestration. And just to round things out, I've touched on some frontend and mobile dev too.


  • Bardo AI Summarizer

    A Chrome extension that summarizes articles in a foreign language and highlights the most important words.

    • JavaScript
    • Rust
    • GPT-3
  • FastAPI+Docker Boilerplate

    Minimal but robust infrastructure to quickly get your next API up and running within a few commands.

    • Python
    • FastAPI
    • Docker
  • Python Way

    A collection of Python tips and tricks that I've learned over the years.

    • Python
    • Learning resources
  • Pyncd

    A Python powered normalized compression distance (NCD) calculator. It's a measure of similarity between two files.

    • Python
    • CLI
    • NCD
  • Personal Blog

    My personal blog where I write about tech, language learning, productivity, and life.

    • Astro
    • Typescript
    • Netlify
  • Bardo AI

    Before ChatGPT was a thing, I used GPT-3 to build a chatbot that could create stories in the language you're learning. No longer maintained.

    • React
    • Firebase
    • Edge functions
    • GPT-3