Hi! I'm Aleph

I'm a machine learning engineer based in Berlin 🇩🇪 and currently working at Secret Escapes GmbH.

Made in Brazil




It is for sure my strongest language, due to its broad ecosystem and flexibility I've been able to play with it in many different scopes ranging from backend development with its frameworks like django and flask, to its with scientific side with hands-on experience on machine learning with scikit-learn (pandas, numpy, matplotlib) and text classification with nltk and spacy.



After years of backend development, everything had changed on the Frontend lands, one now needs an overwhelming amount of tools and dependencies to start a small hello world app. Vue.js felt like home to me, very straightforward and easy to pick-up it became my go-to tool whenever I need to do frontend.



After years of working object oriented programming, I decided to take a deeper look into functional programming and discovered this powerful and beautifully designed language, it was love at first sight.



I have always been interested into mobile development, during my early years of university I had a few projects with javascript-based mobile frameworks, but then Swift came out and it had everything ready out of the box, it was great for backend developers like me to have a small taste of mobile development.